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How to remove chewing gum in your hair?

How to remove chewing gum in your hair without having to cut?There are various tricks to remove chewing gum stuck in your hair

The first reaction is to take scissors and cut the wick.However, we often regret this solution is because we are left with a haircut seemed a little weird is it is necessary to adopt a new haircut.How to remove chewing gum in hair without resorting to scissors?

Use of olive oil

  • The hair is very fragile and easily under stick of chewing gum. So, we panicking and hard by all means this piece of chewing gum embedded in the hair. To avoid hurting it is easy to remove chewing gum in hair using olive oil.
  • Take a good amount of olive oil and put it on the wick. A tablespoon of olive oil can handle a thick lock of hair. Good soak and scrub lightly.
  • We can then gently remove the chewing gum with your fingers or with a comb rather thin.Note that we can replace olive oil with oil normal food.

Other products

  • We can take and apply ice on the gum for a few minutes. The cold of the ice pushes the gum to harden. Under this, the chewing gum can even loosen itself and can only use a comb to easily remove the remains that stick to the hair. It is then necessary to make ice regularly and always keep in the freezer.
  • The other product with properties effective to remove chewing gum is the nail polish remover.Although it is not ideal for the scalp, you can use nail polish remover to fight against gum in your hair.
  • To begin with, we must separate the strands of hair stuck the rest of the hair. It is even necessary to cover the rest of the gum reaches it more.
  • Soak the wick, rub the gum with remover and remove it afterwards. In order not to raise the scalp, it is safer to use nail polish remover without acetone. These are the tricks to remove chewing gum in hair without cutting.

How to remove chewing gum in your hair?

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