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How To Sew Up Punjabi Stylish Dress

Do you want to learn that how you can sew up the Punjabi stylish dress? Well if yes then you have actually reached at the right destination to grab up the best of the best information about it. In the below portion of the article we will be explaining the method of sewing the Punjabi bridal stylish dresses.

Easy Method To Sew Up Punjabi Stylish Dress:

  1. For sewing the Punjabi stylish dress designs you have to firstly take the measurement of the waist and stomach while sitting and relaxed. You should measure the total depth from the seat of a chair to the waist while sitting. You should measure the crotch length from the front of the waist through the crotch to the back of the waist.
  2. On the next you should draw the pattern for each piece on a large sheet of paper or a newspaper. You should draw a horizontal line that is as long as half of the total waist or hip measurement plus 4 inches for seam allowances which are usually 5/8 of an inch for each seam.
  3. Now you have to draw the horizontal line at the bottom of the leg line. Now you have to mark the crotch seam by measuring down the center from the bottom waistband line the length of the rise measurement plus 1 inch. You should sraw the bottom of the crotch seam by drawing a straight line down the pattern perpendicular to the horizontal line as long as the widest part of the thigh plus 3 inches.
  4. You should draw the vertical inseam lines from the ends of the crotch seams to the line at the bottom of each leg.
  5. Now comes the kameez designing in the Punjabi stylish dress designs! In the sewing of kamee you have to measure the length from the top of the shoulder to the desired length plus 3 inches for seam allowance and hem. You have to measure around the bust line or chest and add 2 inches for fullness and seam allowances. Don’t forget to measure the waist and hip widths plus 2 inches.
  6. On the last you should be measuring the shoulder-to-shoulder width across the back. You even have to measure the sleeve length from the top of the shoulder to the desired sleeve hem plus 2 inches.

So if you know the method of sewing then stop thinking and start sewing the stunning Punjabi stylish dress designs now!

file (1) file (2) file (3) file (4) file (5) file (6) file punjabi-dresses-for-women Short Punjabi Salwar Kameez Dress - Indian Ladies Fashion 2010

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