A pair of nicely shaped eyebrows neat and can do wonders on the face of a woman.
It can lighten the face and give focus and illuminate the eyes of a woman.

Beautifully shaped eyebrows tie the entire look. But it can be difficult to shape your eyebrows with just a pair of tweezers.

Fortunately, there are other tools you can use to shape your eyebrows without having to pay a professional to do this task for you.

Take a look at some of the tips below on how to shape your eyebrows using certain tools.

Take a look at how eyebrows should naturally turn based on the shape of your face. Not everyone has a pair of eyebrows that are long and curved.
Some have short and bushy eyebrows that grow in a straight line.

Some even have eyebrows bend at an angle offset. You can take a look at fashion magazines and cosmetics faces models to learn the basic shape of the eyebrows, noting how eyebrows should arch above the average eye.
Eyebrow stencil is a good tool to use.

This will greatly help you create a good shape for your eyebrows to prevent you from pulling the hair too.Eyebrow Stencils come in different shapes to suit an oval, round, square, long, heart or diamond face.

Mark where the brow should begin and end.
To find where the brow should begin, look straight in the mirror.

Hold a pencil up against one nostril. Ends When the tip of the pencil is where you should mark the beginning of your eyebrow.

To find the right end of an eyebrow, place a pencil at an angle near the corner of the nostril and the other end point of the corner of my eye. Mark where the tip of the pencil ends.

The climax of the arc can be determined by looking straight into the mirror and placing a mark which is aligned with the outer edge of your iris.
Place the stencil over your eyebrow stencil and tape in place.

Use an eyebrow comb to brush the hair upwards. Hair must follow the direction of the stencil. Now trace the outline of the template with white pencil. Remove the stencil after tracing.
Pluck hairs are all outside the contour plot.

A pair of tweezers with an angled tip is preferable to the collection and removal of individual hairs. Be patient and remove one hair at a time until you have removed all unwanted hair.

Repeat this process for your other eyebrow.
Maintain the shape that you obtained by suppressing the growth of your eyebrows regularly again. Fill gaps in your eyebrows and extend their ends with an eyebrow pencil. Dark gray is recommended as it gives a softer color and natural your eyebrows.

Apply astringent or witch hazel on your eyebrows before you start picking to anesthetize the area. This will help minimize the pain that is caused by plucking. Pinch hairs one at a time in the direction of hair growth.

Once you have finished plucking, apply a soothing gel or cold tea bags on the area to prevent swelling.Cutting hair extra long forehead with manicure scissors prior to plucking. Shorter hairs are easier to remove long hair.



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