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How to solve problems eyeliner / pencil flowing

Here are some tips to solve this problem once nearly universal.

You must first know why your eyeliner or pencil flows.

1) First there watery eyes. This is the case for sensitive eyes. They may be sensitive to light, makeup, wind, etc.. Opt for makeup designed for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. You can also choose versions repellent or waterproof if you tearful eye. One important thing to know about waterproof makeup products that is “waterproof, waterproof or water resistant” does not necessarily mean “long-lasting”. It only means that contact with water, the makeup lasts longer.


2) The second reason is that we encounter most often: sebum released by the skin just dilute makeup and sank.

It is also important to understand that the eyelids secrete almost no oil. So where does all this “fat” is found on your eyelids and around your eyes? It comes from the sebaceous glands (which produce sebum) … your forehead and your scalp. This is unfortunately not appetizing, but it is the sad reality.


Knowing this, you can take the problem at the source with simple gestures:


-We wash the hair with shampoo as often as appropriate for your type of hair requires.

-We use a daytime moisturizer suitable for our skin type. Therefore, if you have combination or oily skin, use a mattifying care and / or seboregulator.


The foundation must also be adapted. Some foundations are matting or balancing or long lasting. Learn a beauty consultant pharmacy / drugstore or department store to find the option that suits you best.


Other things will improve resistance to sebum of your makeup.

He is on the market a wide variety of bases for the skin and for eyes . They make a big difference. To try it.

The powder-based is a good way to absorb sebum. Sprinkle-so your face (especially the forehead) with a loose powder or compact. You can even make alterations during the day to prevent rather than cure.

Also sprinkle your eyelids and around your eyes before you apply makeup (and apply the pencil / eyeliner) with the same powder using a smaller brush or sponge applicator outright (it allows a more generous application). You can also use an eyeshadow neutral beige.

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