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How to spread the good cheer?

Women Zest offers you daily spread the good cheer.

The mood is changing, and certainly have felt changes in one day, without finding a logical explanation. It is important to know and recognize that the female mood so, Variable … but you should try to catch it the good mood every day, so you can spread it too.

How can you do to catch it and spread the good cheer?
– Share the Courage of Women notes with your friends. Both will feel better, every day

– Begins to be part of the community of women www.animodemujer.com

– Communicate with your friends and share your good mood

– Recomiéndales people who want your strategies to feel good

– Listen to good music, read good books, watch good movies, according to your preferences

A clear example of the results of the “contagion” of good cheer: Patch Adams

Hunter “Patch” Adams is a great example to show you that the mood is contagious, and easily a small fact of life, a smile, a hug, a call, an email, a postcard or a glance can make your day, and by therefore can alegrárselo others.

Who is “Patch” Adams? 

The American doctor, played by Robin Williams in a great movie, is recognized worldwide as a different professional, considered by many as the “doctor of laughter”. Adams promotes media and alternative therapies to heal the sick, using humor and joy that is contagious to their patients every day.

Surely his vocation as a clown, actor, also a physician, was the fundamental basis for Adams recognized the significant effects on the body of their sick patients if treated with love, patience, and besides all this, in a fun and cheerful .

Besides being a health care professional believes that healing is an exchange of love, and this is what I try to do every day in his hospital, managing to obtain effective results visible changes in their patients.

Currently organizes trips around the world with groups of volunteer clowns who bring hope, joy and games orphans, patients and people in need. “Patch” Adams, led their delegations of clowns to countries such as Afghanistan, Cuba, Peru, El Salvador, Cambodia, China, Russia, Tibet, India and many more. If this clown doctor may change the day to so many people because he believes that love is the most effective medicine in the world … why not try to infect us good mood today?

In this paper, we try to show you the great positive effects it can have you set contatagiarte of good cheer when you feel bad and infected you good mood to your friends when you feel good.

How to spread the good cheer?

  “Humor and love are the key components of a healthy lifestyle” Dr. Patch Adams

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