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How To Stitch Cocktail Women Dresses At Home

We all know that cocktail is known out to be one of the most famous and demanding women dresses in the market. It is basically defined as the close-fitting dress that is generally worn anywhere from the late afternoon to the evening. You will going to find them in varieties of lengths as some of them are short and quite few of them are long. It is made of richer fabrics, such as silk, chiffon, satin and charmeuse. They are often called the “little black dress,” which is considered a staple in many women’s closets.

Now moving to the main topic of the article below we will going to explain some of the main stitching steps that will let the women know that how they can stitch up cocktail women dresses at home:

Steps to Stitch Cocktail Women Dresses At Home:

  1. In the very beginning you have to draw the egg shape for her head. Now just make two triangles overlapping at the narrow pointed ends underneath the head for the torso and lower body. There should be a small oval or line for the neck and an oval in the middle of the triangles for the waist.
  2. Now you have created the circles for the joints that should be at knees and tops of thighs and ovals for the legs. You should make sure one thing that you make the legs at least as long as the torso is high.
  3. Now you have to repeat the same step with the arms all the way by making the elbow and shoulder joints out of circles and ovals for the arms. Now just add the ankles with two more small circles and the feet will be ovals.
  4. You have to smooth up the outlines of the body and erase the inner lines.
  5. Now you have to follow the outline of the chest and simply draw a V-neck top and a basic dress shape flaring away from the hips.
  6. Now add up the wrinkles and tucks where the fabric should normally gather.
  7. Now in the end place a pair of high-heeled shoes on the woman.

So follow this method now and stitch up the stunning cocktail women dresses right now!

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