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How to straighten hair without hair straightener?

We’ll discover together how to straighten hair without straightener.Brazilian smoothing curlers, many techniques exist without our necessarily pensions.

For the majority of women today, it is true that the straightener has become an indispensable tool for all those who want a perfect hairstyle however, there are techniques to straighten hair without straightener.These techniques are more or less known, are less aggressive to the hair but also effective for smoothing.Among them, the Brazilian straightening, hair curlers, etc. …In addition, the straightener gives no volume to the hair while many other tools can give volume while smoothing the hair.Discover all the different ways to be well capped while respecting the nature of our hair and even some of these techniques by feeding.You think you can no longer move your straightener, this article will change your mind.

At the house, straighten hair without straightener easily.

  • Firstly, the use of a smoothing shampoo really makes quality styling, prevents frizz and nourishes hair to make it shiny. Then applying after shampooing and rinsing without care prevents forks.
  • Then, if you are wondering how to straighten hair without straightener, there is a simple technique that many have forgotten: they are curlers. Surely it makes you think about your grandmothers, yet this technique is very effective on any hair type.
  • There are different sizes to fit the length of your hair, some are heated more flexible, you just have to choose the ones that suit you. and in addition to straighten hair without effort, they give them volume from the roots.

At the hairdresser, smoothing techniques final or semi-permanent.

  • For some years now have been replaced by straightening techniques respecting the nature of hair. These techniques, smoothing Brazilian or Japanese are still a bit different.
  • The Japanese straightening is final, only to repeat regrowth once or twice a year, but it can not be done on all types of hair.
  • Smoothing Brazilian meanwhile is not final, it is a treatment that nourishes hair with keratin deep. This smoothing lasts 4 to 5 months depending on hair type and can be done up to three times per year maximum. This is how smooth the hair without straightener and easily.

How to straighten hair without hair straightener?

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