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How to talk to a guy on the phone?

Do you have a crush on a guy, and you want to talk on the phone, but do not know what to talk about? Or you do not know how to get a good conversation started? Just keep reading to solve your problem

Before calling, already thinking about what you will say. Does he like? Did you, or did something with him today you can talk to? Everything you need to know? You can even write a list of topics to pass, but do not read out of them as a script, it is casual and impromptu.

Once you have an idea, take a few deep breaths. Do not just call if you have nothing to talk about. It will most likely be bored.

When someone answers and it is not your guy, ask for it. And make sure you say something like “Hi, this is ______. Let me please speak to _______? ‘

When he says “Hi” or “Hello” does not start with something like “what are you doing? ‘ “Starts with” Hey what’s up? “… Stuff like that.

Avoid asking questions like what color you like, what is your favorite dish .. This type of question is very common. Try to be a little more innovative and interesting

Get into a conversation. Try asking him something about the school, or sports, or something interesting.

Find a good excuse to call the person you love. Ask him if he wants to do homework or something. But make sure that this is not a stupid excuse because most guys do not like it.

Once you enter a conversation, there is nothing to worry about unless you somehow insult, but it is unlikely, and easily solved if you manage to.

If you come to meet you toutjuste a good game to play is 21 questions. Ask questions to get to know. This will maintain a good conversation and you guys would probably be more comfortable around each other, since you’ve probably learned more about themselves. In turn, and not just throw some questions to ask a few questions, but good and interesting that you would like to know and would also be fun to ask and get the answer.

Calm your nerves or any anxiety you, sit in a quiet place and sit in a comfortable position.
Close your eyes and exhale slowly. Then breathe and let your lungs fill with air like a balloon release air … slowly … continue this for a while … think to yourself … “I’m breathing in, I breathe out,” and focus on it.

So imagine sending air to different parts of your body by releasing the air. With luck and concentration, all the accumulated tension will leave you.This will help you calm down.


If you are leaving a voice message on a cell phone, but ruin, Do not hang up! If you exceed the time limit for voicemail, the service will tell you and ask you if you want to keep the message as is or start over. Again. Slowly.

If you do not remember what to say then write notes on a piece of paper first. Remember to just read word for word.
Do not call more than 2-3 times a day if you are friends. If you’re just knowledge, the use of Rule 3 days: do not call more than once every 3 days.

The guys are so nervous then do not worry.
Do not talk down on you because you want to say good things about you or something.
It bothers him and he will not talk to you much. Just having a nice conversation and not be self-centered.

Be honest. Relationships based on lies will never lead to emotional satisfaction of either party.

Remember the boys (and girls for that matter) are generally unaware if they do not know, so do not show … the boys do not like people who look good, they like it, if you stick to them when they have an argument with someone – just like you would.

Do not forget to be fun and relaxed when you talk to him!
If you are too nervous, and you start to talk and your voice sounds like your crying is not an excuse, be honest.


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