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How to tan faster

How to tan faster

Tan faster in summer is the dream of many people.Here are several techniques to get there, you choose the one that suits you

Before anything else, it is important to recall the dangers of the sun.There are simple rules, and contrary to what you believe they do not prevent tan faster.It is strongly recommended to the sun between 12 am and 16 pm, if you can not do otherwise you coat a sunscreen and wear suitable protective clothing, t-shirt, shorts and cap minimum.

Sunscreens tanning

  • Many brands of cosmetics and sun protection products have emerged that allow faster tan while protecting ultraviolet rays. You can choose the protection your skin needs without depriving you of a beautiful tan.

Tanning accelerator capsules

  • Capsules that were found in pharmacies as Oenobiol Solar Phytobronz or reduce by half the exposure time while getting a tan equivalent. These products can therefore tan faster while exhibiting less time. In this way you preserve your skin negative effects of the sun.

Dietary supplements

  • Many dietary supplements intend to facilitate tanning. Those who are rich in vitamins A, C and E can tan faster. For these vitamins is effective, take a course of two weeks before exposure.Warning: these supplements do not protect the skin from sun damage and sunscreen is essential.

Sunless tan with self tanner

  • Self-tanner can tan faster without need for much greater exposure to the sun. The chemical process of self-tanning which colors the skin is harmless. The self-tanner available in cream, gel, liquid, spray, wipe, you can easily find in supermarket shelf body care. The problems of self-tanner is the effect that only lasts a few days (4 to 6 days depending on the product) and if you do not apply it perfectly, it tends to stain areas such as elbows, knees, hair roots and eyebrows.

Preserve your tan

  • This is not all tan faster, you must preserve its lasting tan! Here’s an old recipe Grandma simple: drink a glass of carrot juice every morning, not just your tan will be long-term but also carrots are good for your health! Have a great holiday!

How to tan faster

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