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How To Teach Water Yoga Session

Do you want to learn water yoga session? Well if yes then you have actually reached at the right destination. Right away in this post we will be highlighting some of the basis instructions about the water yoga. Are you ready to learn this yoga?

Instructions About Water Yoga Session:


  1. Before starting with the water yoga session you have to make sure that you have already practised the yoga on your own in the water.
  2. Now just warm up your water yoga students. You have to start off the class with flowing Chair poses, Chest Expansions, Standing Cat/Cows, Sunflowers and Sun Salutations. You can even try with the Cobras and Downward Dogs against the pool wall.
  3. Now you have to intersperse your water yoga class sequence with Vinyasa styles of poses to keep them warm. You have to keep arms flowing in Warrior I and II. Warrior II with flowing archer arms is popular.
  4. You have to make the use of water as resistance to keep heat building. You can use resistance in flowing Chairs, Warriors, Crescent Lunges and Chest Expansions. You should normally be holding poses with arms up as in land style yoga and you can keep their arms flowing through the water as even pushing against it.
  5. Some of the well known water yoga session poses are Tree, Dancer, Eagle, Warrior III, Standing Pigeon and even Balanced Half.
  6. You should add spice to your water yoga sequence in the company of arm and hand variations.
  7. Some of the additional popular poses are Downward Dog (hands on pool wall), Cobra (hands against wall), Chair, Sunflowers, Standing Cat/Cow, Prayer Squat, Warriors I, II, III and Reverse, Triangle, Chair, Twisted Chair, Balance Chair, Crescent Lunge, Chest Expansion, Camel, Pyramid (hands on wall), Balanced Half Moon, Tree, Eagle, Standing Pigeon, Dancer, Standing Spinal Balance with Big Toe Hold and Standing Head to Knee
  8. In the end you should remember to open and close with a short meditation. You should keep your opening and closing to two or three minutes each.

If you still think that water yoga session is complicated then you are all wrong! You should try this yoga now and get the best results in the health fitness.

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