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How to tie a Hijab

A hijab scarf is a long piece of fabric that hides the head of a Muslim woman and her upper torso. As the use of hijab is based on the Qur’an, most Muslims interpret their use as mandatory, however, Muslim women have devised ways to tie hijab veil to make it look more elegant.

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How to tie a Hijab


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    1. Fold a hijab scarf diagonally. Then fold it in about three quarters. Place the scarf evenly over the top of the head with the tip hanging halfway down your back. The folded edge should cover the hairline. Fixed both sides of the scarf with a fork under your chin. Lift the left edge of the hijab, adjusting to your right hand behind your head.Adjusts the edge in place on the crown of your head.Adhere the right side of the hijab to your left side.
    2. Wrap your hijab with double folding method. The website Madiha’s Hijab Styles and Wraps describes the process. If you have long hair, get yourself a short ponytail or make a bun. Keep a handkerchief with the left side longer than the other. Take the handkerchief and fold it over about 4 inches (10 cm). Place the scarf over your head with the crease on your forehead and about 1 inch (2.5 cm) below the hairline. The right side of the hijab only have enough fabric to wrap your bun or ponytail. Spend the long end of the scarf through and around your neck. Tie the two ends at the nape of the neck. You should not have more than about 4 inches (10 cm) of loose tissue on your back. Drop the remaining fabric and wrap it around your bun. Fold the fabric around and under your hair. Adjust the fabric under your wheel

      3.Place the scarf over your head. Sets one of the sides to the front of the shoulder of a blouse or dress. Take the other end, pulling it from your neck to the cheek. Use your favorite brooch to hold it in place with the section of tissue that covers your head.

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