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How to use henna powder for blond

To maintain your hair and give them beautiful golden hues, use henna powder blond is the ideal solution.
This herbal blend gives natural shine to the hair and leaves soft and shiny

Blond henna is a mixture of several plants.It is composed of neutral henna, which will strengthen the hair chamomile that will give beautiful golden reflections and make them silky rosemary leaves to regulate sebum secretion and finally root rhapontic or rhubarb which will give the blonde hair color.Use henna powder is possible on blond hair clear blond to light brown.But it does not clear reflections and gives shine to hair.


  • Use henna powder blond haired on the revives and strengthens them. In addition it has the power to cover gray hair which is impossible in a discoloration or wicks. White hair will be the same color as other hair and will blend perfectly into the hair after applying the henna blond.
  • It does not attack the hair because it contains no chemicals. It is a completely natural vegetable coloring. The hair is not dry.
  • It allows space discoloration or wicks to the hairdresser for several months entrenant blond hair and brown.
  • Moreover, its price is very affordable and is easily found in health food stores or on websites.


  • Use henna powder blond is very simple. For a full head of hair short to medium length you need: 100g of henna blond and 260ml of water.
  • Boil the water. When hot, stir slowly blond henna powder to make a smooth paste and fairly consistent. Let stand for half an hour.
  • Then proceed to the application, either with your fingers or with a brush on your hair previously washed and dried. Apply generously wick wick by penetrating through the dough.Once the application is completed massage your hair with henna blond root to tip to aid absorption preparation.
  • Wrap with plastic wrap and leave to rest for one to three hours depending on the result and the desired intensity. Finally rinse several times and when the water is clear, apply a conditioner. Rinse, dry and style.

Some tips

  • Use henna powder to nourish hair blond, especially if they are dry or fragile and add to the preparation two tablespoons argan oil or olive oil.
  • Make one application per month oily hair, once every two months and normal hair once every three months on dry hair.

How to use henna powder blond

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