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How To Use Olive Oil For Skin Treatment

Do you know that you can even undertake with the skin treatment with the help of olive oil as well? Olive oil is frequently used for the hair massage but now it is getting to be in great demand for the skin treatments as well.  We all know that Olive oil is a fantastic source of vitamin E. It has been even linked with countless health benefits too adding with reducing blood pressure, decreasing growth of some cancers, lessening the severity of asthma and arthritis and many more.

Important Steps To Use Olive Oil For Skin Treatment:


  1. Olive oil can also help with the area around your eyes. You just need to place a small amount of oil on your fingertips. Now just gently dab on top of the corner of your eyes and your eyelids and under your eyes. You can also do this to your eyebrows after tweezing or waxing so that it can give away the moisture and soothing relief.
  2. For lip care you just need to place a small amount of oil on your fingertips. You have to rub across your lips so that you can provide the lips with the excellent moisture and shine.
  3. In the same way you can take a small amount nightly and rub into your nails and cuticles. This will going to help you to keep the nail beds and cuticles soft. You can even make a sugar scrub and use it on your hands nightly in order to allow the hands to stay hydrated and soft.
  4. Olive oil can even work in best way for the foot care as well in the skin treatment. You have touse 1 tbsp. of olive oil in a warm footbath. Just soak for 10 minutes and then pat dry. You can also use sugar scrub on top of your feet daily.

Well now if you want to give your skin and even the whole body with the best look and healthy touch then start making the use of the olive oil now!

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