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How To Wear Hijab In Trendy Pattern

Hijab is the most important part of Muslim women’s wardrobe. Without hijab, a Muslim women cannot survive in social life. Hijab or scarf is the best way to cover head and face in the presence of male. A Hijab can be worn in so many trendy ways. Here in this post i am sharing some of the most popular ways of how to wear hijab that will add your personality a beautiful and appealing look. Let’s check out these beautiful ways of how to wear hijab below that will add glam to your personality.

How To Wear Hijab In Trendy Pattern

Style Number 1:

Start by Placing a full underscarf on your head as this style requires neck coverage. Or you can use to regulate underscarf and wear a turtleneck.

Place shawl on you head with end much longer than the other.

Pin the shawl to the underscarf on both sides of your head near where your brows line ends.

Bring longer end of shawl loosely under your chin and wrap it around above your head and re-use same pin to secure in place.

Style Number 2:

Start by wearing an underscarf.

Place shawl on your head with both ends in equal lengths and tie behind your neck once or twice.

Place a slim scarf on your head and tie behind your neck under the shawl.

Braid the accent slim scarf with the shawl and tie with a headband of a scrunchie in matching colors.

Style Number 3:

Place shawl on your head with 2 ends equal length.

Tie once at the bottom of your neck.

Bring both ends and twist at top of the head.

Both ends bring back behind your neck and tie one.

This is perfect for wearing on special occasions.

Style Number 4:

Start by wearing an underscarf and a turtleneck for neck coverage or a

full underscarf that covers the neck area.

Tie the scarf in half to make 2 equal sized triangles and place on head.

Tie behind your ears just like a bandana.

This was done using a square scarf but can be done with small or larger scarves.

These all ways of how to wear scarf in trendy patterns make your personality impressive for everyone. You can now able to wear hijab according to fahsion trends. Let’s try them now!

Beautiful-Ramadan-Hijab-Styles-2014-In-Pakistan-600x300 Latest-And-Beautiful-Ramadan-Hijab-Styles-2014-For-Ladies Latest-Ramadan-Hijab-Styles-2014-In-Pakistan New-Ramadan-Hijab-Styles-2014-In-Pakistan Ramadan-Hijab-Designs-For-Women-2014-600x300 Ramadan-Hijab-Styles-2014-In-Pakistan-600x300 Ramadan-Hijab-Styles-And-Fashion-2014-In-Pakistan Simple-Ramadan-Hijab-Styles-2014 Simple-Ramadan-Hijab-Styles-2014-For-Women Simple-Ramadan-Hijab-Styles-2014-In-Pakistan

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