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How to Wear Hijab Properly: Beautiful Hijab video

Do you want to know how to wear hijab properly? Well there are many ways that allow the women to wear hijab properly. Hijab is the form of Islamic clothing and it allows the women to cover her entire body parts except face and hands. But for that sake the women should be well aware from the main steps of wearing Hijab ideally.

Right through this article we will going to mention some of the main guidelines that will going to help the women to know that how to wear Hijab in the best way.

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  • Style No 1: In this form of style the women just have to place the pashmina shawl at the place over the head by means of one side shorter than the other side. You can even make the use of safety pins as well so that the two edges are folded back behind the neck in safest way. When you are pinning up just make sure one thing that the front side of the scarf should be appearing as smooth. As you are done with it now you have to bring the longer scarf edge and just place it around under the chin. You have to make one thing clear that the hijab should go down lightly around your shoulders and there should not be any kind of creases on the front portion of the scarf.
  • Style No 2: This second method is just like the previous method of how to wear Hijab that we discussed earlier. But make sure that you end the finishing of the Hijab in smooth and neat way. The front side of the Hijab should be pinned onto the back side of the person head.


This is one of the latest trends of hijab that are even accessible online as well. This hijab is the form of single-piece hijab that is all added up with the under scarf in the company of stretch material as well as a scarf attached to it. As soon as you have placed the under scarf on the head the Hijab that you have attached will going to fall smoothly and naturally around the head. You can even make the use of pin on the front or back of the head.


If you want to wear Hijab in the form of turban style then you have to tie the hijab ends on the back of the head and then slowly bring the edges again to the front portion of the head. You have to make sure one thing that all the excess parts of the scarf have been tied up underneath. You can even make the use of another scarf as well.

So this was all about the method of how to wear Hijab! Now follow each method carefully and we are sure that you will going to love this clothing.

how to wear Hijab



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