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I bought the palette 120 colors “Made in China”

I hesitated to buy cosmetics from China, because I doubted their quality, and there was a side of me that does not want to encourage this kind of economy, but after reading rave reviews from other bloggers and agreed to, my friends tell me as well, I’ve been tempted, because the price is ridiculously low, and the quality is considérable.De more I realize that more and more products “mass” that we buy here are made in China anyway, so …

Palette de 120 couleurs Manly

Manly 120 Colors Palette open

So I visited Ebay.ca and I ordered the palette most popular brand Manly, who is from Hong Kong. The best offer was $ 10 (which works out to about $ 11 AC / € 7) with free shipping and prime a pair of false eyelashes. The palette contains two sections of 60 pellets of eye shadow powder, for a total of 120 colors.Part of makeup is pearly, matte one. So it was perfect palette for makeup. How to resist temptation after that huh?

Palette fermée

Palette closed

After a few weeks of waiting, I received the famous palette. I am eager to try it, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised, even flabbergasted. The blushes are very pigmented, the pigment at the same level as high-end cosmetics from brands. The texture is rich, silky and slippery. The application is easy. In fact, no one could say that it comes from China!

Vue rapprochée

Closeup low

Vue rapprochée

Close up view

The next morning I made with a makeup palette, makeup and held throughout the day, and the result was superbe.J ‘was a little afraid to make a skin reaction, because the Chinese are not known for not be very ethical health side, and since it came directly from there, it was not approved by my country. But good news, everything went well. No reaction, redness or any problem.

Exemples une fois appliqués

Examples when applied

The only thing I could fault with this palette is that cosmetics are not sufficiently pressed into the pan, making that takes a lot each time (be careful not to press too hard on the brush), and therefore the pads wear out quickly. But I say it does not matter. At worst, I’ll just order a second at this price!

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