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I tested the Foundation True Match Roller L’Oréal

Ok, I know for French readers, this is not new, as this new type of foundation was launched for some time in France, under the name Roll-on perfect agreement. But here in America, it has just arrived and it’s called True Match Roller. This is an innovative application for foundation, so I absolutely had to try it.

True Match Roller – Makeup Perfecting ball (very bad translation, because it is not ball, but roll) is a compact cream foundation classic, but that comes with a sponge roller, exactly like those to apply the paint on the walls, which allows uniform application all over the face.

L'Oréal True Match Roller

Seeing the advertisements for this new product, I said, “Well, another useless gadget! “. But my curiosity won out and I bought the color n3 to try anyway, despite my misgivings.

I was convinced that the small roll would not be easy to use, because it would not get complicated places like the nose, for example, but it turned out that I was completely wrong about it. This application system is very well indeed! I recommend it even to hurry, because it is really fast. Roll covers large surfaces and foam texture allows flexible enough to adjust to the contours of the face. I’ve never used a foundation so quickly!

Compact ouvert

Compact open


Nuance n3 - Fini sur la peau

Nuance n3 – Done on the skin


In addition, the texture is opaque and covers redness and imperfections. The only problem I think is that the finish is quite thick and dull, which is not very close to natural. We see that door foundation and I would have appreciated a more light, but it has the advantage of not feeling anything (not thick or oily feeling) on ​​the skin, and the most pressing, no need because of the powder is held, and the product does not migrate. By cons, by far, for an evening where the lights are dimmed or a photo, it’s ideal.

So it all depends on your priorities, because it is still a good product overall and I say hat for innovation and great idea of ​​the application system.

Available in 12 colors and has an SPF 25 (which is not insignificant!).

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