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Illegal Length Mascara Maybelline: a must for super long lashes!

We all have different expectations when it comes to mascaras: Lengthening, volumizing, recourbants, etc..Personally, I usually search volumizing mascaras in the range of prestige as Lancôme, but … WOW! Illegal Length of the new Maybelline New York, an extreme lengthening mascara, I was totally amazed!

This product promises to extend our thanks to eyelash extensions 4mm fibers. Formula sealant stretches and fixed the fiber eyelash. Fixed-fiber brush (which contains six points of contact with the eyelash) slides and allows uniform application of the product.

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I can tell you that this is one of the best mascara I’ve used a long time. My eyelashes, which were all runts, now rub my glasses so they are lying! Even my coworkers have noticed the difference. He puts real extensions at the end of each eyelash. I suggest you to apply several coats for best results. It is important to work when the product is still fresh, so do not let dry between applications layers. It is easy cleansing and it is also available in hard water resistant. The only negative point is that it scales a bit due to friction. In addition, the tube could be a little more stylish ;)! And if I was really looking for PERFECTION, I added a volumizing formula to the product!

Visuel officiel

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That remains is for me a very effective product that perfectly meets my expectations. It provides results as, if not more impressive mascaras $ 30 … but it retails for $ 10 at pharmacies.



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Being a girl hurry in the morning, I just usually two coats of mascara. With Illegal Length, I noticed that some extensions were deposited at the tip of my lashes, but not all the lashes. So it is certain that for me it does not replace the false eyelashes. It can help those who have short lashes, of course, but it should work the product long enough to get enough extensions. Sometimes with a single layer, I had one or two extensions on my lashes, so you must be patient. I appreciated against by the fact that the product gives a little volume anyway. Not as a regular volume mascara, but some Lengthening mascara on the market.




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