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Ingrown Hairs: What to do?

Ingrown hairs are annoying, ugly, can cause inflammation and make a carefree summer impossible.

Now that the summer begins, everyone wants beautiful smooth skin.Whether on the legs, arms, underarms or groin area, unwanted hair sprouting everywhere, interfering with short clothes only.Well of course you access to more razor or epilators, so that the skin is nice and smooth and free from daily stubble too.Which means that the skin in the summer is stimulated more than before in the winter.Added to this is the increased perspiration, which sits in the open pores from shaving and load the skin.So it comes to unsightly rashes and ingrown hairs can become a problem.You have to imagine that in a wet shave the top layer of skin is permanently damaged because they go with the sharp blade across the skin.Therefore, the skin needs a lot more care to stay beautiful and pimple-free.

Less is often more
In commerce there are more and more hair removal products that are intended to facilitate shaving or epilating.But many are not suitable for sensitive skin and promote ingrown hairs, instead of preventing it.Sometimes it’s even better for the skin, completely to abandon shaving cream or gel and the legs or bikini line to shave in the shower with water.If you have sensitive skin prone to ingrown hairs, you should use a very simple razor without additional integrated gel pad or shaving cream.Sometimes it is advisable to shave with the grain, but this does not clean result.If you epilate regularly and often ingrown hairs emerge, it would be advisable to adjust it until the skin has calmed down.Pull not remove ingrown hairs with tweezers, as this can cause severe inflammation, which leave unsightly scars.

The proper care after shaving is important
One can avoid ingrown hairs by using a gentle care for stressed skin from shaving.For this, we recommend a Care Balm with witch hazel extract and honey.It soothes the skin, protects and cares for them simultaneously.You will see that your skin calms after a short time and belong to ingrown hairs of the past.


Ingrown Hairs: What to do?

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