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Instructions for perfect make-up – Less is more

With instructions for perfect make-up in no time you can put a makeup for everyday use, but also to go out, which enhances the natural beauty.

With the right make-up can put his face in the spotlight and get a completely unique look.But especially in the summer, it is advisable to emphasize the natural beauty of his face and just not really patch up with make-up, because especially in hot weather, less is more.With instructions for perfect make-up can be achieved in a short time a perfect score.



The right foundation is essential

  • The best guide for perfect make-up does not help if the utensils used are no good. Mainly due to the color of the primer is what matters, so the makeup is not unnatural. This should match the natural color, for so by the primer only skin irritations and imperfections are covered, the naturalness of the skin remains intact, however.


  • This primer is then applied very thinly to the skin. One should make sure that you do it evenly so that no stains or smudges arise. This primer can now apply powder, this can be a very light one tone or darker than the natural color of the skin. So you get an even, smooth complexion.


In summer, always use waterproof make up

  • Even if they go exactly according to the instructions for perfect make up, the best make-up is quickly ruined when you sweat and water-resistant make-up has not used. Therefore, it is recommended, especially in summer always use waterproof make-up, so even if you sweat, nothing blurred.


  • Who naturally very bright eyebrows has, it can tighten with an eyebrow pencil light and then bring in the form of an eyelash. Those who do not have at hand can also use a toothbrush to be served. The eyelids can now be provided with a light eyeshadow. Especially in summer, offer this pastel and bronze tones, as they glisten in the light beautifully and give the eyes a very special character.


  • Now you can mascara lashes with waterproof mascara and the eyes in addition to stress with some eyeliner. In a guide for perfect make-up, of course, the lips must not be neglected. For this one should use only a light lip gloss, of the make-up gives a sense of freshness.

Instructions for perfect make-up - Less is more

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