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Interesting facts about love …

Fun facts, amazing and totally captivating about love!
Now do not pretend you’ve never sought them and there is not an interesting love good enough to capture your attention! You know why? Because these facts the following relationships are not only cute, but really good to know and even useful! Check them out and see for yourself:

1. Roses symbolize love

The first on my list of facts about love can not come as a surprise to most but it is good to know anyway! Like, did you know red roses are not alone in your loved one can use to express the gratitude of sound to you? Red roses are the symbol of passion, pink roses symbolize desire, devotion to appear white, while the thornless rose often represents love at first sight. Very interesting, is not it? Not to mention super helpful if your loved one does not share your love for red roses or is too predictable or too cliché!

2. LOVE UNRETURNED can actually cause physical pain

All that “Achy Breaky heart-” things is very real, ladies, and we talk about scientific facts here! Research conducted on students finally revealed the main reason for this horrible feeling we get in the post-braking phase, and I’ll pass the medical terms again and it simply makes you! Part of the brain that registers physical pain, as it turned out, stimulated in these cases means that the pain we feel is beyond imagination. It is a sad fact relationship of course, but good to have on hand in case you are looking for an excuse to eat a family pack ice alone.


Now it’s been following about love can not be tested on students, but it sure is good to know! Did you know that being in love can actually help stimulate the nervous system and improve memory? I certainly did not! But hey, do not worry if your husband turns out to be an exception to this rule. Mine is quite and I’m sure he loves me. In addition, there is another interesting fact to remember is love and that men who start their day with a kiss their women live longer than their friends emotional or less alone! Ha! Now, this is a great withdraw during the discussion. “Be nice to me or I will not kiss you and you will live a shorter life!”Wow, I’m also a romantic lawnmower, I know!

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