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Introduction And History Of Abayas Dress

If we define the abayas dress designs then it is captured to be the form of plain black robe that is worn by women as belonging to the Muslim community in support of covering their regular attire. This clothing is found to be one of the most demanding ones among the women in all the Islamic countries adding with Pakistan. Saudia Arabia, UAE and so many others. In simple words we can explain it as robe-like long sleeved attire. It is named with different terms just like Burqa in South Asia and Chador in the country of Iran.

History About Abaya Dress Designs


Abaya dress is all used at the best level in covering the hands, feet and the face. Some of the women even favor covering with their face except the eyes. It is to be mentioned that the origins of this costume remained vague. It has been existed some 4000 years ago in the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia. As soon as the Islam emerged in the 7th century the concept of the abaya was introduced all over the world. In the era of Stone Age the women used to wear the abayas that were open from the front side and they just cover the hip area with bamboos and other materials. As soon as the light of Islam came up all the women were asked to cover up their full body from the front side along with the head. Women make the use of veils for covering their back portion.

With the passage of time abaya dress designs are becoming one of the latest fashion trends. Women of all age groups simply love to wear the abaya dress designs as they are covered with the stunning designs over the abayas. Some of the common captured designs arepeacock, simple black and Arabian floral! You can find them from the market stores or you can even make the choice of finding them all the way through the online shopping stores too. Be sure that you just be finding the one that is best enough to add the personality with the impressiveness and complimenting touch. You can make the use of abaya dresses designs in favor of both the seasonal happenings of summer and winter seasons. In the summer season they are stitched with the soft and light fabric and in winter season hard and woolen stuff is used.

So all the women out there if you want to make your personality traditional and elegant looking for others then don’t forget to choose the unique style of abaya dress designs right now!

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