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Introduction Of Abaya Dresses

With the passage of time the trend of the abaya dresses is becoming so common and famous among the women of all age groups. In the past abaya was considered to be the necessary clothing to be worn by the women in the Islamic countries. But now as this dress design is accessible in varieties of designs and styles so this clothing is becoming one of the latest fashion trends. Abaya is defined as the plain black robe that is worn by Muslim women to cover up their regular clothing. It is also known as being the long-sleeve robe-like dress. In many countries it is defined as the compulsory traditional dress adding with Arabian Peninsula including Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. In Iran the abaya is known as a chador and in South Asia it is known as a burqa.

Importance of Abaya Dresses

Abaya designs dresses are mainly used for covering up the whole body except the face, feet, and hands. It is worn in the company of the niqab and a face veil that is covering all but the eyes. Some of the women are not aware from the fact that origins of the abaya are vague. It came into being as long as 4 000 years ago in the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia and at the time when Islam arose in the seventh century C.E. The need of abaya was felt at the time when the women revealed their necks, chests, even breasts as well as additional parts of their bodies. They also make the used of veils that drew backwards and keep their front side all opened. As soon as the light of Islam spread it ordered all the Muslims draw their veils forward to cover up their chest.

As you will going to look inside the fashion market you will going to catch that it is accessible in the varieties of designs, styles and colors. Women can make the choice of wearing the abaya dresses in both the seasonal happenings of summer and winter season. In the abaya dress designs the Head abaya rests on top of the head and extends below the ankles that keeps the women completely hidden. Black abayas are much choosen by the women in the Middle Eastern countries especially Saudi-Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar. White abayas are popular in the Far Eastern Muslim countries. Colored abayas are much taken into custody in the Jordan, western countries and now also in Middle Eastern countries too.

If you want to add your personality with the elegance and sophistication then don’t forget to catch the traditional abaya dresses right now!

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