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Introduction Of Art Of Henna

There is no single woman who is not aware from the art of henna! The word henna has been derived from the Arabic language. In the Muslim countries henna is even used as the name by most of the women. Henna leaves are derived from the plants whose natives are found in the countries of Africa, southern Asia and northern Australasia. It is a tall shrub or small tree that has the height between 2 and 6 metres.

Information of Art of Henna

It is basically coming up to be the by-product that is used in henna art. The leaves of this plant are all grinded in the crushed form so that it can make the thick paste that will be applied on top of the skin. This paste is all used in the effective way in order to dye a range of things from hair and fingernails to leather and silk. The henna plant is cultivated in a lot of countries adding in line with India, Pakistan and Morocco. Rajasthan in India is known out to be one of the most heavily cultivated areas. In the counties of Indian sub-continent henna is known by the name of “Mehndi”. It is quite a lot in use by the women at the time of the festivals, religious occasions and wedding events as well. It is basically leave over the skin for few hours and then after wash you will goig to get the dark color of the mehndi over hands and feet. As much hours you will going to leave the mehndi designs over the skin the darker the color it will going to give out.

Some of the mehndi designs are all set with the paste that is reddish brown in colour. It is all set with the lovely designs of floral and paisley patterns. Asian henna is even added with the lines, leaves, tear drops and additional more abstract shapes and forms. You can even get to know more about the latest trends and styles of the mehndi designs by visiting the fashion websites and magazines too. Each single year the trend of art of henna has been found to be added with many changes that simply make the women confuse that what sort of style will going to suit them at the best level.

Well we hope that with the help of this article all the readers would have learnt a lot about the art of heena and its importance. Are you ready to try this art work?

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