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Irritated skin – Effective Care

Especially for irritated facial skin, proper care is vital because some creams and care procedures irritate the skin.

The skin is exposed to a vast number of daily stressors.In winter it is especially cold and overheated, dry air, in summer there are pollen, smog and the sun itself, enforce the skin.Especially for irritated facial skin, it is particularly important to maintain best suit your skin type.

Care for sensitive skin use

  • In pharmacies, drugstores and supermarkets, a variety of different products for face care are offered. Often is already printed on the packets for which type of skin care line is determined.If you have irritated facial skin, you should always resort to skin care lines that are tailored to sensitive skin, because they waive additional irritants such as perfumes or certain oils. You still have to expect that not every product you equally well tolerated, because it is irritated facial skin is very quick to off balance.

Chronic irritation or spontaneous?

  • To defend themselves against environmental influences, you should use in different seasons different care. In winter, Maintenance should be something more substantial, because cold robs the skin especially much moisture. Note, however still out on greased not your skin, as this may cause additional irritation.
  • In the summer you should make sure that your day care contains a sun protection factor protects you from both UVA and UVB radiation. If you still have have a sunburn, you access to a soothing facial treatment that includes, for example, panthenol or witch hazel and avoid the sun until your skin has calmed down.
  • If your skin is prone to irritation and tensions that can be traced back not just to sunburn, a reaction to a new skin care product or other easily identifiable reason and your skin also tends to severe redness and pimple formation, you should consult a dermatologist. This can clarify whether you may be suffering from acne or Rosicea.
  • In this case, your doctor will write a prescription or make a special ointment that is tailored directly to your problem. If there is no skin condition you are trying to find a certainly a little care, you can rely on your facial skin and irritated and relaxed.

Irritated skin - Effective Care

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