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Know about favorite brushes

It’s been a while since we talked last time about brushes . While writing about the realization of a makeup or another, it is quite difficult to describe and work with each brush (size, density, etc.). So I decided to do a post dedicated to this. I think it’s wise, but I can always argue :)

My idea is to take this post for information can help in your daily makeup. You do not have to walk the same brand mentioned, especially where brand is MAC, not accessible in Romania, but better note brush model used for each situation. That’s why I put pictures at each point.

Here you use most often, what they do and why:

1. Foundation brush – MAC 190

I know that may sound strange, but I use this brush every day for applying foundation. I can not live without it :)

I love it because it helps me to get a perfectly uniform basis, place the ideal product and helps me to avoid possible mistakes. Before applying foundation with your fingers and apply it as face cream was. I only realized that although uniform look, look muuuult better when using a brush.

With the foundation bureteii I reconciled not long. Recently, I learned to accept them and understand them and can say that meant, especially for highly liquid foundation funds, in which case the brush more confused than help.

TIP: if you brush foundation of natural bristles, moisten it slightly before use because it tends to absorb the product. If the synthetic hairs, no need to do this step.

2. MAC 150 brush for powder


I use both powder compact for loose powder as well. I love it because it helps me to cover large areas of the face in one move. A wrong occasionally Sephora sponge for powder, especially when applied powder in the eyes :)

  TIP: once you take the amount of powder brush desired, place in a cupping left hand (if you are right-handed, like me :) ) And turn the slight pressure. Thus, avoid placing a large amount of product from the first second. It will be harder then it smoothed!

3. MAC blush brush 109

I found that I do better with a little more narrow brush to apply blush correctly.

Before, I used quite large and fluffy brushes that looked good and I thought it was ok, but over time, trying several models, I find that I love form.

It is rounded at the top, of course, but a smaller diameter. I prefer to come back 2-3 times with less product, which applies to it exactly in the area where I want, but I struggle to erase the edges. For that is when you use a blush brush larger than apply a stain blush and did not know how to fix it.

4. Sephora Professionnel Angled Brush for ContouringBlush Brush No.40


Although I and one of a set of brushes MAC, Sephora brush all the best come back for contouring . I love it because it is less dense and has more rigid than brushes MAC, or it is very important when you want to apply precisely.Sure, if you have a brush similar but softer brush or longer, you can help your fingers so to give it a shape that you want. Eventually, with any brush can work, but why bother? :)

5. Brush for eyeliner / eyebrow / eye contour MAC 266

This brush is a revelation for me!

I use it daily for about 2 years so defining eyebrows, eyeliner to draw but also for shaping the lower eyelid.

Is very narrow, which helps me to get very precise lines (for eyebrows) and elegant (for eyeliner and lower eyelid contour).

TIP: If you are not yet expert in applying the eyeliner, the brush is very useful because it helps in the formation of the hand, especially for impeccable pigtails ;)

Theoretically, eyeliner brush was invented in the gel of those from MAC, but I use any cream eyeshadow-eyeliner which immediately obtain ;) Basically, it is a multipurpose brush that will get rid of unnecessary costs :)

6. MAC Eye Brush 217

This is the type of brush you should have it any lady / lady kit!

It is a medium brush size, in my case. This varies from person to person, I think it is important to have a brush that will cover mobile eyelid, from genes to fold, that to realize the ideal length for you. I, for one so masseur eye brushes, depending on the area covered.

It is important to have semi-soft bristles (not as soft as that for blending) for a correct application of eye shadow.

TIP: blending can help to apply the product once!

7. MAC 224 brush for blending

I always use a brush to apply eye shadow and another forblending for the site that are blending always be clean. In this way, do not apply more product than I planned :)

Classic brush for blending should have soft bristles, can be handled easily in any direction. In this step we will make circular movements left or right so it is very important to use a brush of hairs natural, very soft.

TIP: for a better blending in the crease, use a brush with elongated, like this. The rounded edge does not allow the same precision than if you educated own hand to alternate pressing pressure.

8. Brush-on highlighter fan

This model ensures placement brightness brush just above cheekbones. Its purpose is to highlight bone pometelui with illuminating powder.

Long bristles to help loose powder application, the longer they are even less applicable product and conversely, how are shorter, the apply more product.

TIP: If you do not want to invest in this type of brush, an angled brush can replace the cheeks, as the contouring, but take great care to apply the product easily.

9. Eye Angle Brush The Body Shop

I must say this brush is so dear to me how not imagine :) It’s my first eye brush I bought 6-7 years ago, in fact this model with wooden handle does not occur. (Current brushes Body Shop I was not happy, too bad they changed)

A commonly used for shaping the lower eyelid when making a smokey-eye that is more voluminous than the MAC 266 brush and get dramatic results.

Its quality is very good, in all these years was not without hairs. And even use it very often!
I think the only brush that I have not taking any hair never fell. Even the MAC May happens to this :) As proof that the name or price is not always the most important part of a product if the quality will last!

These are the brushes I use most often, most of them are used daily, with few exceptions.
I hope I have not exaggerated words and will help with anything, no matter how small :)

1. Eye brushes can be classified into soft bristled brush and brush with stiff bristles. The bristles are stiff for precise application, the application soft bristled slightly.
2. Appropriate and high quality brushes are 50% of your work!
3. Carefully if you care, a set of brushes you can keep for a lifetime. I consider it a smart investment if you keep at your picture! And tend to think you do, since you read this post until the last word! :)

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