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Know about the expiration of your makeup product?

Certainly we have all heard of parabens so far and we are trying to use more natural cosmetics that do not contain such ingredients. Meanwhile, the darker the natural or “organic” cosmetics, the have a shorter life. Sometimes it can happen that the term exp is not yet reached, and the product inside to be altered. But how can we check this and what can we do to prevent such situations?

First, you should avoid creams and cosmetics let / make-up in hot and humid – like the bathroom, for example. Nor is indicated or leave them in an area of ​​the house where reflected sunlight directly. The best place for eye creams and the present is, in the opinion of many, in the refrigerator. They say the best outcome of a congestion zone eye cream is obtained by cold application directly from the refrigerator. I can confirm this, help reduce bags under eyes :)

Secondly, we are used to apply face cream container finger directly taking the required amount. Nothing wrong because, in this way, the cream comes in contact with bacteria on our hands, and this reduces the period of validity. The more bacteria on hands, the shorter the life of a cream. For this reason, it is advisable to use a cotton swab or a special spatula. Some creams have their applicators and it’s good to consider this when buying a product. Or we can always use a wooden or plastic spatula.

Also creams that are packed in containers with pumps have a lifetime greater because it requires opening each use. Calling into contact with air, last longer.

Also if face creams, you should take into consideration their usefulness – the more it addresses many issues (anti-aging, light, mattifying etc.), The faster ingredients cancel each other. This means that a product has anti-aging components at the same time as other components to illuminate the face, for example, is more likely to lose their effectiveness over time compared with a cream containing anti-aging ingredients strict or strictly for illumination face . One solution may be to look for products that come packaged divided, like the picture below.

The sooner we realize if ojelor alteration of a product – they change their color over time, the product is separated into layers clearly delineated. Another good sign is the smell of the product. Once altered smell, it would be better to throw it away.

In case of mascara and eye pencils, considering the sensitivity of the area in which they are applied, it is advisable to change them within 3 months. Do not use eyeliner without it pointed in advance, especially if you apply on the inner eyelid (waterline / mucosa / conjunctiva). Some eye or lip pencil sharpener included, others not. From what I tried, pencil sharpener normal, the writing is not good for eye pencils, the latter being more soft and delicate – try to use a special sharpener for these pencils.

In case of liquid products such as tinted, they have a shelf life of 12 months after opening as indicated on the packaging. Often, it is advisable to change them at 6 months, but check the product smell before I throw in the trash.

Pay attention if you use products that contain benzoyl peroxide – as Brevoxyl site – it expires 3 months after opening so that the active ingredients of this anti-acne gel becomes inactive. Products containing vitamin C, antioxidants, glycolic acid or retinol are not good once you get in contact with sunlight and / or heat.

The longest running cosmetics are based powder blush like sites, eyeshadow, compact powder or free. They hold very well for 24 months.

Longevity record is held by scent – up to 8 years, even longer if you keep in the fridge.Personally, I tried another version with land perfume in the fridge, but I think it’s a good idea for next summer! Not sure I presume winter :)

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