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Know about The soup diet for weight loss

The soup diet was developed a few years ago in an American hospital, in order to lose weight quickly obese patients undergoing surgery. It gives pride to a vegetable soup adorned with slimming. It allows you to lose weight safely, but after 2 weeks of diet, it takes necessarily weight.

The soup dietPrinciple: The basis of this diet is a soup called “fat-burning” to eat main meals. It is in fact an ordinary fresh vegetable soup, which must not be mixed or thrown (as it is more satiating). The rest of the food is conventionally composed of foods rich in protein and very lean (lean cottage cheese or yogurt, fish, lean meat) and fruits (in limited quantities). Supplements in capsules or tea (green tea, pineapple, cherries tail) are expected to improve weight loss and fat burning. A multivitamin complex is also expected to fight against possible deficiencies. The diet itself lasts 7 days, followed by a stabilization program a week also.

Review: This system can be seduced by his side organized and rigorous (menus are charged for each meal). But it is hardly different from a balanced hypocaloric diet and severe (less than 1000 kcal per day during the first week, only 1200 kcal during the stabilization period). It is suitable for women with low physical activity, but it is too restrictive for men and for anyone who spends a lot. Note that the virtues attributed to the miracle soup are very overrated. Let’s just say it’s a clever way to consume vegetables and plenty of water.

The soup diet can of course lose weight. But as any diet very low calorie weight regain is inevitable, even after following the stabilization phase.

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