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Know the Beauty trends for the summer

Summer is finally here, but hot weather can cause your body to quickly create and beauty. Here are some beauty tips just for you in the coming weeks and months on the road, so that the hot season is even more beautiful.


The bathing season, and for many it is too early to annual leave at the door. Of course you do not want white lie on the beach or lake. However, solarium tan also totally out of your skin and hurts long-term only. To get a skin easy, quick and healthy tan, you could have a good self-tanning. Auto-modern, there is also a spray handy, and if you hire well, then you need not be afraid of you also spots. Some build on the gradual tan, others give the skin a few hours, a soft tone.

When Make-Up, in the summer you should be more economical than usual. Sticky is a day cream with UV protection as a base, then you must replace the usual yes Foundation against a tinted day cream, which acts very natural, and leaves the skin breathe better. Moreover, the cheeks, forehead, cleavage, the bridge of the nose and chin, you can give a little bronzing powder that gives your face a fresh look. Great makeup you need to get you to the beach or the lake not only wear a little mascara and lip balm.

You can sun on sunny days, do not forget your case, especially if you just have to get used to the sun. Choose a high SPF, which offers enough protection, because the strong UV radiation leads to premature skin aging and skin cancer, of course. For the face, no sunscreen especially if you have oily skin, you can also take the gel fat free.

Summer also means your hair into a tension, because UV rays and chlorine and salt water they use too. Get him a UV protection for your hair and treat your hair after swimming and sunbathing visit some extra care with moisturizing products. The current beach seems to count backwards style short hair styles, braided her hair and long hair, styled after the pigtail back and tied to a strict.

By doing this you at high temperatures not so easy to sweat drops a good deodorant is called for. New deodorant brand in the market are based on minerals, such as Rexona, keep your shoulders good long drought. So you spend the day well, you should drink plenty of water and better avoid alcohol, coffee and food very spicy.

On hot summer days the smell, a new light is very tempting. Perfumes heavy and intrusive are now taboo, and choose a fruity, fresh and, above all, light fragrance. Some manufacturers have special scents for the summer that fit perfectly this season. The perfume has spread not only a wonderful fragrance, but they can also provide a great atmosphere.

Even if you use sunscreen waterproof, you have put time and again, because when you scratch so dry with mostly. If he still came to sunburn and then avoid direct sun until sure the burn is gone. Cool the affected area and keep a careful post-gift If, however, created bubbles, then you have to necessarily go to a doctor even if you get a fever!

For your skin at night to really start to shine this summer include best gloss on the lips, in fashionable colors of pink or orange. You emphasize the eyes, then with just mascara, eyeliner to draw one, you can still finish the summer make-up. Caring for long hair slicked back in a very sexy and seductive.

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