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Know the Tips to avoid sunburn for women

The sun, which in normal amounts is beneficial to the body, is a major factor in cell aging and a major cause of diseases such as skin cancer, when taken in excess. Avoiding sunburn is crucial to keep our skin healthy and stay healthy and young.


How to avoid sunburn?
Sunlight is composed of ultraviolet rays that cause sunburn and skin burns. Tan, a trend that slowly begins to diminish in the world of fashion and beauty, can be dangerous if you do not take precautions to avoid sunburn, highly prejudicial. The burn, skin injury by excessive sun exposure can be avoided by following these tips:



Use sunscreen, which is essential if you are going to sunning on the beach, as if we live in very hot climates. Sunscreens, we can find different classifications, must have a high protection factor, but our skin is dark. For children and the elderly, the protection factor must always be the highest possible, exceeding 40. If you swim, we must take into account that the chosen cream is water resistant, and apply it again when out of the sea or the pool.



No exposure to sunlight between 11 and 16 hours. Between these periods, the solar radiation is particularly dangerous and that your skin will get a burn and suffer. Use hat and sunglasses. Buy good sunglasses that meet European standards and wear a cap with a visor or hat with brim, while bigger the better. Protect skin from the face of possible attacks solar.

Do not go to UVA cabins. The risks that the skin is exposed to rays cabins present in most cities, are very high in terms of forming deep melanomas and damage the skin surface. Do not be tempted to stay tan all year long, and if you want to get a little shade, committed self-tanning cosmetics. Also, if you have been burned. If you failed to prevent sunburn, shopping pharmacy aftersun products to mitigate their effects. Also, begin to reduce the redness and itching with natural and homemade products, like milk mixed with vinegar, and a deep hydration of the skin after taking hot baths.

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