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Kohl: the line that changes everything!

Find all our tips for applying your kohl.

The role of kohl

Kohl is a cosmetic product to be applied to the eyes, developed from natural products (crushed minerals), which can magnify the eye.

Kohl has all the properties of the eyeliner.However, it is generally resistant to water better and is easier to implement, because of its particularly solid.

Makeup, kohl can suffice alone. It is indeed not always necessary to add mascara is one of its greatest assets.


How to apply kohl?

Kohl can take many forms: liquid with a brush, paste or packaged in pencil. Today, most women opt for kohl pencil because it is more convenient and easier to find in the trade.

The main advantages are kohl enlarge the eyes to give a nice shape to the eye and highlight the color of the eyes. It should therefore be applied at strategic points to get the desired effect.

To enlarge the eyes , it must be applied to upper lash line, thin line, from the middle of the eyelid. To ensure that you draw a thin line, you must have well earned your pencil first or use a very fine brush.

For a glamorous look and seductive, or give a nice shape to your eyes, slowly apply your kohl on the lower part of the eye, avoid touching the mucosa.

If you’re full, then gently beneath the eye a cotton swab slightly moistened makeup remover to avoid the eyes of cocker!


Did you know?

– The white kohl applied to the inside and on the inner corners of the eyes can enlarge the eyes.

– The kohl is used by women since Egyptian times.

– The black kohl applied inside the eye helps to mitigate the effect of bulging eyes.

– Previously, kohl was also used to treat infections of the eye.

– Tip: If your kohl pencil softens because it is too hot, allow a few hours in the fridge.



Kohl: the line that changes everything!

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