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Lancôme Absolue Makeup

Category: Makeup

Product Name: Absolute Foundation

Revitalizing Moisturizing Makeup

Brand: Lancôme

Price: Around 52 Euros / $ 72 CA

Overall Rating:

Key Features:

-Very high coverage

Ultra light-Fini

-Intense hydration for dry or very dry

-Rebuilt and regenerates the skin

-Ideal for mature skin

-SPF 20

Colours available: 7

Capacity: 35ml

Official Description: The comfort of a foundation … I love my fresh and radiant complexion. Imagine a light and creamy whipped cream that illuminates and evens your skin to give the appearance of a rose petal … Imagine ABSOLUTE FOUNDATION, a foundation that provides you with care hydration and nutrition and helps your skin rediscover the elasticity of his youth. Your complexion is natural and even an absolute beauty!


For the first time in a foundation, a unique complex of active Bio-Network ™ Reconstructor strengthens hydration and skin tone.

– The Wild Yam Extract stimulates the production of lipids within the active and vital functions of the skin. It also hampers collagenasis, which attacks collagen, the strongest natural protein that gives skin strength and tone.

– Soya helps to maintain the activity of fibroblasts, the cells responsible for the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

– Brown Algae stimulate the synthesis of glycosaminoglycans (GAG) – a substance that “gels” the dermis and gives it consistency. They produce collagen, elastin and other proteins and enzymes.


The new formula enriched with Hydro-Protective Balm ™ gives your skin a unique comfort thanks to:

– The concentration of glycerol (5%) and butylen glycol (5%), which provides nutrition and hydration 12H.

– Its very nourishing oils comfort without greasy, which produce a protective barrier and help the skin to fight against dehydration.

It also provides unequaled protection thanks to its High Protection Anti-Aging UVB (SPF 20) / UVA (PA + + +), like cotton, actively protects your complexion agents related to pollution, weather and UV rays .


ABSOLUTE MAKEUP features an innovation in the field of color Color Clarity System ™. This system works through two main ingredients:

– Micro pearly pink beads that act as reflectors in optical naturally refreshing the complexion for an anti-dull complexion by concealing imperfections immediately while producing a luminescent halo effect.

– Extracts of Liquorice Root ruling clarifying that unify the complexion.


Personal Evaluation: If you have dry skin or very dry skin that is mature or not, you must try this foundation.The feeling it gives your skin feels tight and lacks life is like a fine mist that relieves you from rustic all evils. It repairs your skin literally. Upon application, you will feel comfortable, your skin has never been so soft, so bright. Compliment you on your complexion, because the more coverage is higher, which gives skin perfect!In addition, this product is more than just a foundation, it is a skin care (apply your moisturizer before though). After a few days you will notice a skin revitalized, sublimated. It takes downright life before your eyes!For mature skin that sometimes become like crumpled tissue paper end, the Absolute comes denser, intensively nourish, smooth it and to restore elasticity and tone.

Important point to note: this product is only suitable for dry skin. If you have a skin only dehydrated , it will be too rich for you. As for other types of skins like normal skin or mixed, Absolute will your skin glow. There are other options better designed for your specific needs.


-The sun protection factor SPF 20

The full coverage-which reveals defects

-Its superior hydration and unique comfort

Its bright-finished

Its very nice, smooth application


Its price-

-The container (a glass jar) is impractical because the product is in contact with air and bacteria. We absolutely must use the spoon included in the box and clean often. Do not use your fingers, because you could contaminate the product. I prefer containers with pump, more hygienic and practical.

-Do not dry, the finish is still wet on the skin (this can still be appreciated very dry skin).

-We can hardly use powder to set this foundation because of its full coverage, because the effect would be too much like a mask, which is unnatural. Use in little time. It is probably for this reason that the applicator provided is small.

-Not long lasting

Fond de teint Absolue de Lancôme

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