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Latest Colored Eyeliners And Method Of Winged Eyeliner

Eyes are significantly important for a beautiful personality and happy living style. Eyes reflects your beauty and depicts your personality. For charming and attractive eyes, the diet should be healthy. Timely sleeping is also a great heal for eyes and relax your eyes effectively.

Eyeliner is a colossal way of making eyes more beautiful and attractive. Eyes speak more about your personality than your tongue. In all makeup the most important thing is to make up your eyes perfectly. Eyes complete with eyeliner. The more you enhance the beauty and cleaning of you liner the more you look gorgeous.

Winged Eyeliner makes your eyes captivating and seductive. The easy and best method of applying winged eyeliner is given here:

  • Sketch a free hand outline above the upper lash with the pencil eyeliner.
  • Measure how far the wing would be by pointing the eyeliner pencil at the end or corner of the lower lash line.
  • After that draw a wing in diagonal position outward from the lash line.
  • Now sketch a straight line from the tip of  the wing down to the middle of the lash line till the middle of your eye.
  • Now fill the outline and thickens the line from the inner lid.

The images shown below describe and illustrates all the steps of winged eyeliner.

Colored eyeliner is a versatile way to make your eyes more enticing and attractive. Here we have shown the latest colored eyeliner designs.

bold-cat-eye-eyeliner-method double-winged-eyeliner-2016 eyeliner-colored-eyes-great-perfect-liner eyeliner-colored-latest-designs-for-eyes eyeliner-latest-method-of-winged-eyeliner

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eyeliner-method-step-by-step eyeliner-styles-colored new-latest-eyeliner-methods-for-perfect-eyes new-secret-eye-liner-glossy-black-for-bold-eyes

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step-by-step-eyeliner-method winged-eyeliner-black-bold-beautiful winged-liner-method-step-by-step

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