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Latest Trends Of Pakistani Shalwar Kameez 2014

As you will going to look inside the fashion market you will be finding so many designs and styles of the Pakistani salwar kameez suits 2014 from which you can find the one that suits your personality at the best level. If we define salwar then it is usually defined as the bottom part of a salwar kameez that is a form of baggy pants worn under a long tunic. It is most commonly in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. It is known out to be the unisex garment incorporates a drawstring of the same cloth on the top to grip the hips. Some of the women are quite a lot interested in sewing the salwar designs and kameez with own self help. Do you have the same passion?

How To Sew Pakistani Salwar Kameez 2014?

  1. You just have to take the measurement of the circumference of your hips with the measuring tape. A salwar is never tight so add an inch as breathing room.
  2. Now you should be sitting on the chair and then measure the area from the top of the pants to where they end. You should be adding a few inches for extra comfort.
  3. Further you should even determine the length of the inside leg.  You have to measure the area from the end of the belt to the crotch. If you do not have a salwar already then you should determine the width of the belt you intend to sew. You have to put the measuring tape at your waist where you will wear your salwar and let it cover the entire hip area.
  4. Now just measure the length of your legs from where you’re going to wear the salwar to your feet.
  5. Just fold up the cloth in half lengthwise. Just lay it on top of a flat surface.
  6. You have to lay the measuring tape according to the new measurement on the top of the fabric to avoid wasting any fabric. It would be best if you will be marking thewidth of your hips. This will going to make the sewing a lot easy and effortless.
  7. Now just draw the bottom line of the belt. You have to cut along this line only.

There is no doubt that this clothing is one of the best Pakistani clothes all over the world. So stop thinking and try with this clothing now!

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