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Learn About The low-calorie diet For You

The low-calorie diet meets the basic principle of weight loss: reduce energy intake, notably by controlling the amount of sugar and fat intake, to compel the body to dip into its reserves.Nevertheless, it should not lead to deficiencies and requires a lot of discipline.

Principle: The principle of low-calorie diet is simple: it reduces energy intake, especially fats and sugars while maintaining a wide variety food. According to the calorie goal set, it is more or less strict in the choice of foods. It is accompanied by simple rules: do not snack between meals, avoiding sugary drinks, pay attention to seasonings and sauces …

The low-calorie dietReview: The low-calorie diet is effective but requires discipline. If your goal of weight loss is important (more than 5 pounds), it is better to get help from a dietician or a doctor. In addition to his help and advice, it will bring you essential psychological support.The duration of the scheme depends on the number of pounds to lose and rigorous monitoring. Resumption of a normal diet should be gradual and healthy eating habits should be kept. Otherwise, weight regain is guaranteed! Finally, increasing your physical activity can help you.

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