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Learn Everyday makeup tip for women

Daytime makeup also has its techniques and style, as well as any other time, a dinner, a party, etc.. Follow these tips and you’ll look splendid on the day, without abusing cosmetics. If you’re in makeup every morning, if you’re the type that comes as natural as life itself, check out these quick and easy tips to arrive a day as fresh and natural makeup.


The idea is that you look with the desired “natural face” because it will need some correction, lighting, foundation, blush and even translucent powder. you start with the imperfections applying concealer with a brush on the areas affected by dark circles or fine lines to hide.



Spread a base the same color as your skin without forgetting the neck to prevent ugly mask effect. It is advisable to choose appropriate products for your age and skin type, thus greatly facilitate the makeup to blend with your skin. As for the illuminator, you can use it to highlight some areas of the face such as the corners of his lips, the lower part of the eyes or above the eyebrows to raise.



Spread a thin layer of translucent powder over the entire face, you’ll notice that the effect of the composition last longer. Ends with a pink or peach blush (depending on your skin tone). The eyes should be clear, bright and very natural, so do not abuse shadows too flashy or coatings. In fact, it is best to use neutral colors on the eyelid and some darker, but natural (such as soft brown or copper) on the eyelid. Do not forget to apply a little mascara on your lashes, brown or black, and give the final touch to a lipstick or gloss pink or nude (beige or similar).

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