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Learn Eye Makeup

Learning to eye makeup application time and practice. Indeed, eye makeup combines several techniques.


A wide range of mascaras allow you to choose your style. Would you rather fill out your lashes, lengthen or separate? Apply it from below, starting with the inner corner of the eye. Do not use excessive force on the bottom lashes. The waterproof can be your ally during this winter holiday on the sea


The eyeliner intensifies the look and highlights the eyes. Depending on your eyes and thick lashes, you can choose to put it on the upper eyelid. A thick line just at the base of the eyelashes to the outer corner of the eye or down at the base of the lower lashes, but just above, between the eyelashes and the eye. Pen and ink, this feature will be more accurate and visible. Kohl pencil to it, you can fade out as you want.

The eyeshadow

The shadow is applied to the eyelid. If you want the color remains for several hours, it is effective to pre-roll or cream foundation.Apply the darkest color on the eyelid. Brown eyes can afford all colors except green and blue. Blue eyes shades go well with brown, gray, pink. Green eyes are as cold as with hot colors.


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