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Learn Fiber Diet for weight loss

Fiber intake was at the beginning of the century the order of 20 to 30 g per day per person.Today, it is between 15 and 20 g. This decrease is due to the change in our eating habits: less bread, less grain, more meat and dairy products. Refining of flour has also contributed to this decrease. How to increase your fiber intake?

The fibers are among the essential elements in our body. Their mechanical function allows a perfect functioning of our “gut piping” and ensures the evacuation of waste digestion.

The fibers are therefore a necessity. For this, nothing more simple, just use regular vegetable products every day.

Increase your fiber intake

An intake of 30 g of fiber per day is easily achieved by eating include:

  • 150 to 200 g of cooked green vegetables (one portion with the main course).
  • 150 to 200 g of raw vegetables (two vegetables).
  • 150 to 200 g of fruit (berries or 2 large).

Top it off with cereals and legumes (lentils, peas …).

In some frail, because of the risk of flatulence, it is best to eat cooked greens whose fibers are easier to digest and make sure to cook the beans.

Fiber foods

Plant products are the only sources of fiber in our diet. The meat does not contain.

Depending on the product, the quantities of fibers are more or less important:

100 g
100 g
16 g
Bran cereal for breakfast
29 g
Cooked white beans
8 g
15 g
Dried apricots 
13.7 g
6.4 g
6 g
Whole wheat bread 
7 g

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100 g
100 g
Green beans 
3 g
White bread
3.5 g
2 g
2.6 g
2.3 g
5.9 g

In practice …

To increase the amount of fiber contained in your diet, follow these tips:

  • Stir from time to time of bran cereal or whole grains, especially in the morning for breakfast, and add fresh fruit, raisins or walnuts to further increase the fiber content.
  • During the main meals, eat fresh fruit as a dessert or as a garnish with a dairy.
  • Eat fresh fruit instead of drinking juice.
  • Do not peel vegetables or fruit only when necessary. It is the skin that focus more fiber.Also you will absorb more vitamins.
  • Enter mostly legumes in your diet: dried peas, beans and lentils. But to prevent the occurrence of undesirable intestinal gas, start with small amounts and let them cook well.

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