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Learn how to get perfect Natural makeup Look step by step

Want to show a sexy and sophisticated look but do not like too much makeup? Here we show you the keys to how to get a sultry makeup without looking like you’re wearing a mask.You can display a natural makeup and always be perfect!



Follow our step by step daily. To begin, apply a moisturizer to prepare your skin before makeup and then use a good eye area, to not break or alter the spell you use.

Once you have your skin clean and prepared, apply a foundation for the face in small quantities, using a brush or sponge to not apply too much and blend the product well, because if they appear to wear a mask and have to endeavor to always show a face as natural as possible. Then applied to the area of your corrector eyecup dim the dark shadows and imperfections and get erase signs of fatigue.

If you want to display a tan color on your face, apply a small amount of bronzing powder,which also help to show a healthy, get you to set your makeup and get more hours remain intact. Then use a brush to give color to your cheeks with a soft blush tones or honey roasted, marking the malar bone (located at the top of the cheekbone).


Comes the turn of displaying a simple and sexy look. To begin, apply a shadow base or beige ocher and extend it by the eyelid and brow bone, this will allow you to unify the tone of the eye and eye shadow set that you apply top. Then use an eye shadow bright nude tones that bring luminosity to your look. Then use a darker brown (but not too badly) and marks the outer eye area making a banana in a “V” extended to help brand your eye with more intensity. Then use a black eyeliner for eyeliner around the eye and mark with subtlety and your look. How final touch, you can not miss two coats of mascara, but if you want an even more natural, apply a brown mascara instead of black classic.

To complete your sexiest makeup, use a lipstick in dark red or burgundy, which will display a luscious mouth and refined. If you are not accustomed to using red tones, you can also apply a brown lipstick will make your mouth feel natural, like you have no makeup lips. To leave the mouth as perfect as possible, apply gloss on top to show flashes of sensuality and freshness, and do not forget to use the lip contour to mark your mouth All of you will be set!

A natural makeup will make your features showing an attractive effect and nothing artificial. A simple and refined look that can be used both day and night and it will show the beauty in you.

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