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Learn Smokey eye makeup with makeup videos

I have written many article on how to make Smokey eye makeup. As such this is not very difficult work to do. Smokey eyes makes your eyes look big and more prominent. I believe for this reason only the Smokey eye makeup has become very popular. There was a time when it was considered that combination of gold/silver/white and black is known as Smokey eyes. But with change in time the definition of Smokey eyes has changed. Now you can make Smokey eyes with the help of different color combination. We Asians often follow our dress color combination.

Learning Eye makeup is often considered to be difficult process. But you every can learn different eye makeup. Those who do not learn it or find it difficult often follow wrong rules or makeup videos. I have seen many ladies experimenting on their eyes without determining the result. The basic and most important rule for eye makeup is to define your Eye shape. I have also written some important points about how to find your eye shape. You can check that article and learn about your eye shape. Second step is to take care of your brow shape. You will never have a beautiful result no matter how hard you try. Brow shape define our eyes makeup area. As a Muslim I have often seen ladies hesitate about brow shaping. You do not need to thread or wax your brow.

Learn Smokey eye makeup with makeup videos Learn Smokey eye makeup with makeup videos

You can define your brow shape with the help of bleach. It is very common practice in Arab countries as Government has officially banned the cutting and threading of ladies brow. So beautician make small cones similar to mehndi cones and fill them with bleach. Use these cones to bleach the unwanted hair around the brow to create a proper shape of brows. You can also try the same process as we often use bleach on our face. You can follow simple tutorial about how to shape your brow as often ladies get confused while shaping their brows and result in creating awkward and unbalance brows. Such brows make your look worst.

Learn Smokey eye makeup with makeup videos Learn Smokey eye makeup with makeup videos

Like all the makeup, Smokey eye makeup has some rules to follow. These rules are easy but you will need practice to master them. I will also share these rules with a video to make the learning of Smokey eye makeup easy for you.

Smokey Eye Makeup Rules

Here are some rules for Smokey eye makeup which you need to learn

  • Divide the eye makeup area into three parts.
  • First part is start from inner corner eye towards the middle. It is often 1/3 of the eye
  • Second part include your crease area and from the middle of the eye to the end.
  • Third part is your brow bone.

We can use any color of our choice on these areas. But common practice is to gold, silver or white color on the first part of your eyes. You can also use any light color as well. It is most probably to enhance the eyes. You can then use black color as base on the second part. You have an option to use only black but you can also later use other color over the black to create more colored dense look. The brow bone area is highlighted with light and bright color shade

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