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Learn Spanish Passion Look

Next stop on our tour: Spain. When I think of Spain, automatically come to mind three things: Penelope Cruz, Corrida and sangria. Okay, two things a person :) So it is no wonder why this makeup contains more black and red …

Time: 30 minutes.

Degree of difficulty: easy.

I started applying moisturizer a day I mixed a drop of foundation to even skin color without too much load, considering that there are about 30 degrees outside. I used DiorSkin Nude Dior, shade 040. Then I corrected area under the eyes Studio Finish Concealer by MAC, NW25, over which I had little mattifying powder from Sephora, Golden Beige shade.

For the eyes I used 2 products and one brush: black kohl pencil – the waterproof from Bourjois – a black shadow – at the Folies Noires Chanel quad. Brush – MAC 228.
We began by outlining the inner edges of eyes with kohl pencil. Then I line one above the upper lashes and easily from the inner corner of the eye down to the outside. Brush, gave shape you see in the image. It is an exaggerated line, covering 1/2 of eyelid furniture in thickness, and ending with a stem exaggerated – in the style of Amy Winehouse.

Then I used the same black kohl pencil to line lower lashes. Again, I faint brush, pencil stretching the eyes more than usual. The term is called smudging – “blurred” not fully describe the effect, I think it is better described as “stretched and blurred the edge”.

Once made in pencil shape, color is fixed by applying a black eyeshadow on top. It can be a matte black, a pearl or, why not, with iridescent blue, purple or green, you strictly personal preference. I chose dark with a slight bluish tint and a hint of iridescent. I think that this shade captures light in a very interesting, easy chameleon :) TIP: Use a skin color eye shadow to the crease of your eye, so you prevent black migration in fold ;)

For the cheeks, I used a deep red blush – at the Sephora kit 5in1, which we applied to cheeks and I went to temples easy. Because it is still a deep red, I sweeten up applying powder bronzer on the cheeks and making blending with red blush. I applied a little on the temples, nose, chin and neck.

Lips and they received the 2 colors they have mixed. I started with purple lip pencil from Bourjois, shade 26 Fantaisiste, which I used not only shape, but also for staining. This is the lipstick and gives strength.

Then I applied a red lipstick, but only in the middle of the lips – Sephora, hue R09 Valentine.I mixed the two colors with a lip brush, but I went to the edge of lipstick lips. Thus, do not have a classic red lip, but realize more special combination in which both colors are visible.

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