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Learn the Tips of summer makeup

Some countries are starting the summer season and if you want to see beautiful, use the following makeup tricks that are special to keep your look this season. Best of all is that this is a routine that takes less than 5 minutes, so keep the following tips for summer makeup and keep your face to look fresher.


Eyelash Extensions: an alternative to keep the dramatic eyelashes without paying much attention, and there are many benefits that bring these extensions.



Avoid black pencil: it hardens your eyes and look in the summer you should be very cool if you can not help, try a thin line and tight to the lashes.

Use a nude lip: avoid glare and bright colors, especially if you go to the beach, looking for a light color and put a little gloss in the center of the lips.



Bronzing Powder: help maintain your tan on the face and can help you outlined.

If you are dark, use a shadow with a twinkle unclear to highlight the brow bone that will give an elegant touch to your look.

With these small changes in its composition, you have a summer seems that everyone wants to emulate.


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