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Learn to treat the foot pain

How to stop foot pain?
Maintaining a healthy lifestyle using good foot ears are some of the aspects that one should take care to prevent foot ailments in old age. People suffering from diabetes should take extreme care of your foot as any foot injury will take a long time to heal and will increase further complications. Arthritis is another serious complication that affects the elderly.
You can help prevent foot problems by checking your feet regularly or have to be verified by a family member and an expert on hygiene of the feet.
Your favorite pair of shoes are not necessarily the best, especially if they are well worn. The danger is that, without realizing it, you gradually change the way you walk to compensate for wear. Wearing shoes that fit is not as easy as it may seem. Shoes made of leather allow the foot to “breathe” and can reduce the possibility of skin irritations. Soles should provide a solid base and not be slippery. Thick soles relieve pressure on your feet when walking on hard surfaces. Wear high heels should be avoided.
Diabetics are especially prone to infections and sores on their feet. They should be especially careful to avoid the bath water too hot or cold, keep your feet clean and dry, to inspect it regularly for any injury or infection and to avoid stepping on sharp objects or surfaces.
Exposure to cold temperatures, the pressure on the feet of shoes, long periods of sitting and resting, and smoking can reduce blood flow to the feet. On the other hand, elevate your feet, standing and stretching, walking and other forms of exercise promote good circulation. Foot care is extremely important.
Thicker socks, socks double lined shoes or boots will all help to keep the cold at bay, as vai wear socks in bed at night. Well-cushioned shoes and the use of inserts will also help fight the effects of age on foot arches.
Exercise is a must – and the most natural exercise is walking! Just 30 minutes a day helps keep the circulation moving, keeping the mobility of their feet.
Do not assume your feet will stay the same size as they age. When buying shoes, have your feet measured and choose shoes with laces, Velcro or a buckle to allow adjustments should your feet and ankles swell. Slippers offer little support for your foot and lose-fitting nature can make them a tripping hazard.
Above all, maintain a regime of daily foot care. Age does accelerate the emergence of potential problems, and prevention and cure is not always better, particularly as they age.

Learn to treat the foot pain

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