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Learn to Use Blush

Blush: get to know what are the colors in high summer the summer makeup asks a simple and natural production to match day of the season. In addition to being responsible for the healthy touch in visual, the blush still helps to highlight the contours of the temples, leaving the face more defined and elongated. Brown, terracotta, peach, coral and pink are the major highlights of the season, warmer tones in winter. The makeup artist Stan Lee, of St. Roch MGT, in São Paulo, teaches you how to choose the ideal product and gives valuable tips in order not to err in the application. “The makeup should have bright colours and provide freshness, besides leaving the tanned skin and lit. We must be careful not to darken the whole face, apply only in apples and temples “, teaches the professional. We made a selection of blushes to choose what suits you.

Use blush

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