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Let’s talk about makeup brushes?


Go after the fall collection from Lancôme that I proposed to discover yesterday, continue to talk a little makeup. I must say that this time, I bathe in it for a bit (yes, I tell you everything because I’m really happy and excited!), I will soon have a new budget to manage as Press Attaché ( This is also my 15th “baby”!). I have not the right to disclose the name of the brand but it will be just huge because I think counting all products and all shades available every time you get more than 1600 references existing plus 5 more seasonal collections per year. Suffice to say that I will burst like a kid with everything to defend it! And more lipsticks, palettes of all kinds, makeup, nail polish … there is also a line of brushes. So, I have been led in recent days to improve a bit my culture at that level. I knew there were a lot of things to say about brushes, but I still was surprised to see the extent of the subject that is completely unbelievable! So, I told myself that I would have need your opinion on the subject to learn more about it.

The first thing that caught my attention is the incredible existing supply. On the MAC website for example, no fewer than 40 brushes for the face. Same punishment elsewhere in Make Up For Ever and from Shu Uemura. I must admit that this has nothing fazes the consumer (well, the consumer in this case!) That would look at buying a brush for the first time in his life. OK then, the example is a bit extreme for MAC and blackguard are professional brands and offer a range of blow XXXXXLnecessarily, but still … Moreover, in passing, to the honors system in place on the site MAC ( ICI ), which allows to determine easily the brush that fits our needs.Second thing that immediately caught my attention, the price course. € 34 70 the Kabuki Make Up For Ever. 55 € powder brush from MAC. And what about this brush Shu Uemura ( LA ) which costs more than 200 €?! Valentfinalement brushes that much more expensive than the product is applied with is a bit topsy-turvy world, is not it?

At the same time, not so much because all the make-up artists with whom I have had the opportunity to speak recently seemed to agree on one point: o n can have the best makeup in the world, if was not behind the right tools to work all this is a waste. And conversely, some would even tell me that a super brush could do wonders even using a product that is though not necessarily special. Yeah, but I do not mind having surveyed some girlfriends around me, very few seemed ready to snap 50 euros in a brush. For them, it seems to remain primarily a simple accessory which, as its name suggests ultimately is not a priority at the point of spending so much for him. And if that was still the case in which investment brush, which are really necessary? Complexion? Eyes? Lips? I came to wonder how many brushes had an average woman in her bathroom? You, for example, how many do you have?

Then of course you will answer me – rightly – you can also find brushes much more affordable prices. Yves Rocher offers eg Revlon also revamped its entire line of accessories some time ago. I also had quite good feedback from my sister about those of The Body Shop, and sometimes also heard some praise on references signed Eyes Lips Face, or even Sigma I know no more than that even if I often hear about the blogger. In all these brands, you can find carefree brushes between 10 and 20 euros. What then can explain a price difference so important? Quality hair, whether natural or synthetic, can she this affect the outcome? again I admit that I am curious to know your opinion on this subject, how you personally choose the brush that you buy and most importantly, makes and models that you recommend (or you also advise against) because I imagine that you necessarily had good and bad experiences in the field. If there are makeup pros who have advice to share, let me know 200% because I still have to improve a little on the subject, and I’m sure it can be used to switch to some readers still new to the matter.

So, since I count on you to give me a lot of information today, I will still also give you some tips in this area because the past few weeks, I notice a lot of things on the subject in my little school notebook. For example, no more than the day before yesterday, I read (I do not remember where, sorry) an interview with Aaron de Mey,Artistic Director of the make-up of Lancôme (one behind 29 Honoré famous collection we talked yesterday). He said swear by a single brand of brushes which I had never heard before: Hakuhodo. So, neither one nor two, I’m a little rencardé on the line and apparently this is true, it seems a little brush Grail. There is also a lot ofrave reviews about them, including beauty professionals who seem to make their pet. At the same time, it is more understandable when you see the price of the brush, be careful to overdraft! I do not think anyway you can find products in France, but I guess the Internet (their official website is also HERE if you’re interested), this should not be rocket science to get. S ‘ there are those among you who have had the opportunity to try, I want to know if they are as fantastic as that friend Aaron said. And since we are in the series “Asians are kings of the brush, “a few lines also Japonesque (even if the name is actually misleading because I think the company is American), many make-up artits told me the greater good also. If anyone knows in the room can tell us more, he speaks it now or forever hold your peace (yes, I have a wedding in three weeks so I put myself in the mood! ).Remember also to take a look at the side of Giorgio Armani because never hear of accessories make-up brand (shown HERE on their site) but for the quality of their makeup, I doubt it is not up to the fund dyed & co.

Finally, another trend that may surely grow in the coming years, organic or natural brushes. For now, not much to sink your teeth even if the brushes with their sleevesNvey Eco recycled materials have rather good press (and they are quite nice, it does not hurt). There are also those of Couleur Caramel although surfing their website, I can not determine at what point is the degree of naturalness. I also noticed the line Ecotools which is pretty cool in terms of environmental commitment, but which is very “cliché natural” and which suddenly is not very glamorous and attractive.


Here, here, I’ll leave you now to learn more about women and their brushes!Ones you have, and what you think of them of course, those who attract you (I feel that MAC addicts will able to enlighten us on the subject), but you may be thinking not know how to use … I can not wait to see what you’re saying

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