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Lip care make yourself – Instructions

Anyone can make a lip balm itself, for chapped lips need maintenance and care products. Make every season in enough fluids and use a soothing treat regularly grease pencil to your chapped lips.

Anyone can make the lip balm itself, there are rapidly helping home remedies that can be applied safely.Brittle and rough lips have many causes, including the sun, cold, wind and too little fluid.Over time, the delicate skin dry and form fissures.Dry lips do not look not only beautiful, it can also cause pain.

Make a lip care with home remedies itself

  • Of course it would be best if the lips are not brittle, prevention may be his lips every season provide enough fat and you can use a pen to care. For beautiful and healthy lips also plays an important role in blood circulation.
  • For good circulation can provide you, by performing gentle circular motion with a soft toothbrush on your lips. Through this relaxing massage will also loose skin flakes and small flakes of skin from the lips and it is therefore not only promoted the circulation.
  • Who wants to make a lip balm itself, which can spread the lips and using of common honey from the supermarket. The honey contains substances that make the lips soft and supple again. Additionally prevents the honey from inflammation after it has an antibiotic effect.
  • Even if the corners of the mouth are torn, can use honey, the exposure time is always at least a quarter hour. Those wishing to take over a long period, the lip balm itself, can a few drops of olive oil before going to bed to the lips and be active after.
  • When women use lipstick regularly, they should make sure that a greasy lipstick is used.Otherwise, the lips are also dry and brittle. It does not hurt if you lipstick before applying a thin layer of a wound and healing ointment.

A do it yourself with Labello lip care

  • It works easily and cheap, a Labello produce itself. Everyone has it in hand, what drugs he mixes together. In a pan, a solid vegetable fat is heated, this is suitable lanolin or lanolin.Essential oils such as jojoba oil and lavender oil are incorporated into the softened fat mass.
  • There, the oils can be used, which are often smelled. The Lanolin ointment-like, waterproof, light yellow and has only a slight peculiar odor. The wool wax melts at 40 degrees Celsius and is not soluble in water.
  • To the lanolin can also have other added oils are mixed, including olive oil, sunflower and rape. Also, this balm can refine with essential oils, which also lemon and honey can be used as gifts.
  • Panthenol is also suitable for the lip balm, which you want to make yourself to upgrade. The self-made Labellomasse is simply filled in an old Labellostick and placed in the freezer.

Lip care make yourself - Instructions

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