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Lip makeup

Lips are the the most prominent feature of a women’s face and beautiful lips absolutely enhance a women’s beauty making her look bold and attractive, there fore it is also very important to take care of your lips as much as you take care of your skin and beautify them by doing lip make up!!

As we all know these days in the fashion world, bold and attractive lips craze are on the peak and everybody loves making themselves and their facial features even more appealing and beautiful.

So doing your lip make up to absolutely look gorgeous and slaying at a party is all what we girls look for 😉

Today’s post is all about how to do the beautiful lip make up step by step! lets make the most out of them to look absolutely stunning!

Have a look, enjoy and beautify your features even more.. 🙂

Just before starting your lip make up, all you need to do is to make a perfect base on your face to give a flawless look!

lets get started with the lip make up! 🙂

Things you ll be needing for the lip make up:

  1.  a concealer
  2. lip liner
  3. lipstick
  4. lipstick brush


Take a concealer and apply all over your lips before you apply a lipstick, applying concealer will give a perfect base for a lipstick to apply and will give you a long lasting lipstick effect.


Take your favorite color lip liner and create a perfect cupid bow on your lips, giving them a perfect lip shape…like this

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After you have made a perfect lip line with your favorite lip color, apply any bold lipstick shade with the help of a lip brush to fill your lips giving them a perfect lip shape with a bold and appealing look!


After you are done with the lipstick, you need to set your lipstick by gently blotting your lips on a tissue paper to make it last long!

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And there you go with the most beautiful, bold and appealing lip make up! <3



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