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List Of Top And Famous Fashion Designers

Do you want to know about some of the top famous fashion designers who have been ruling on the fashion market since the last so many years? Well we all know that all the latest trends inside the fashion market have been put forward among the fashion lovers just through the way of the fashion designers whose unique style of designing and creative working makes the designer dresses simply exceptional looking for others. There are so many fashion designers that are working inside the fashion market with the renowned place.

Top and Leading Famous Fashion Designers


  1. Ralph Lauren:

This fashion designer is found to be one of the top leading ones just because of adding together the blend of English-Polo athletic look with the all-American preppy. Lauren began his men’s line of clothing in 1968. Lauren has even gained exposure at the time when he designed the wardrobe for Woody Allen’s movie Annie Hall in 1977. No doubt that this fashion designer has become the actual symbol of classic American fashion.

  1. Christian Dior:

This fashion designer has made itself to be one of the demanding ones in offering with unique hats. The French designer established his own fashion house in 1946. In his first collection Dior set a new trend in support of Parisian women. The best thing about his dresses is that it is included with the shapes and silhouettes. Dior died in 1957.

  1. Gianni Versace:

This Italian fashion designer has taken the fashion style statement to the new line of the vulgarity with his highly sexy designs. Versace founded his own company in the year 1978 in Milan. In just the least time period Versace label became a symbol of Italian luxury.

  1. Coco Chanel:

Coco Chanel is the first female designer to create a boutique. She began a trend by becoming the first designer to construct loose women’s clothing. She introduces the latest trend of classy signature cardigan jacket and later created the classic Chanel little black dress. She continued to work until her death in 1971 at the age of 88.

Well these have been few of the top and famous fashion designers who have made their big name inside the international fashion market in just least time period. Each one of the designer is known as best in its unique styling skills that that made them so wanted inside the fashion market.

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