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Low-carbs Diet is right for you?

The Low-Carb diet is all the rage overseas. In France, it is increasingly successful. But should adopt this plan? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Doctissimo help you weigh the pros and cons before banishing sugar from your meals …

Can not open a magazine today without seeing the low carb diet. United States, it has become almost a religion in the supermarket shelves, lights and light products have even been supplanted by food labeled “low carb”. But this new diet is it just another fad or a revolution anti-kilos?

Haro on sugar …

Low-Carb DietFirst, that mean “low-carb”? It stands for Low carbohydrates, that is to say simply low in carbohydrates (sugars). Clearly, it is reducing sugars (all sweets), but also products that contain carbohydrates (complex carbohydrates) such as bread, rice, pasta … It is that a discount up to date of the famous Atkins diet , developed in 1972 by Dr. the same name. It considered that you could eat as much fat and protein as you want, because only the sugar would be responsible overweight. And if we eliminate sugar, fats are burned automatically …

The pounds disappear?

In fact, the Low-Carb diet has the same effect as any low calorie diet: if it is followed, it will reduce energy consumption and allow weight loss (fat … and the water)! But that eliminating sugars makes this diet monotonous and therefore very difficult to follow long term. The risk of cracking and regain the lost pounds once or more! In addition, this system often leads to inadequate consumption of fruits and vegetables. And excessive calorie restriction causes many side effects: nausea, headache, heartburn …

In practice

To really judge the effectiveness of a system, we must evaluate the results over the long term. However, a scheme such as the Low-Carb is too monotonous and restrictive to allow adhesion and lasting weight loss. This has been confirmed by a recent study *, which showed that the weight loss achieved after three months were very difficult to remain beyond seven months ….

We must abandon the logic of demonizing one type of food. These are not the only fat or sugars that make you fat, but imbalances. Therefore, nutritionists recommend that our contributions are composed of 50-55% carbohydrates, 15% protein and 30% fat. Certainly, at the moment we tend to eat more fat than necessary. The ideal diet is one that goes above we learn to eat better, restoring this balance, including avoiding hidden fats and sugars. And above all, it is important to take these definitely eating habits. Because there is no point to diet and return to unhealthy diet …. The best is yet to consult a nutritionist or a dietitian to identify the most common mistakes and change smoothly … And do not forget that power is not everything: a bit of exercise is essential.

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