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Lower Lash Mascara Clinique

Clinique Lash Mascara lower


With my little itty bitty lashes, I gave up my makeup have long lower lashes. I do not really do that very occasionally when I have time to catch burrs and make alterations. So I was very interested in the new Clinique mascara, special lower lashes.


The tube is the image of the eyelashes makeup that: it is a mini mascara format. Silver, black with floral motifs, it is elegant and delicate. The brush is also very small.Personally, this is the smallest brush mascara that I know. Ultra precise, it allows to reach the lashes shorter and thinner.


Thanks to its formula breathable, care does not drip and lasts all day. Enriched an acrylate copolymer, which forms a protective film, it is resistant to cold water and perspiration. Substance clay, bentonite, sheath the lower lashes and jojoba oil treats.

Use &

Lower Lash Mascara Clinique mascara is an additional of any mascara. For which lower lash very small, it is even necessary. I can now pack my makeup without sagging or even when I have little time to devote to my make-up. Have lower lashes makeup look bigger andhighlights the eyes. My upper lashes are also better disguised mini mascara because it also allows me to catch and stretching tiny lashes from the inner corner of the eye.

Note: Lower Lash Mascara is suitable for contact lens wearers and sensitive eyes. It can also be easily cleansing with warm water.

Clinique Mascara Cils inférieurs

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